Our company specialises in the highest quality products & equipment, and will ship nationwide to ensure 100% satisfaction with both our customers and commercial contractors alike. All products & equipment are tested with the customer in mind to ensure that you receive the highest quality products to satisfy all of your expectations and more. We've partnered with quality manufacturers and only purchase directly from the manufacturer in order to maintain high quality products at low prices.

We ensure that our prices are affordable to compete with a competitive market but at the same time we will not compromise on quality. Not only are our prices low, but we also offer discounts for bulk purchases. Bottom line, even though you pay our low delivery cost, you will still pay less than if you had shopped locally.

Janitorial247 offers a high level of customer service to large and small businesses including janitorial companies, schools, churches, commercial contractors, cleaning services companies, as well as domestic consumers.

Our website has been designed to provide a simple online shopping experience, if you have any issues we have friendly staff on hand via our chat system which is located on the right hand side during office hours.



We are committed to protecting and preserving the environment by proactively sourcing products from manufacturers with positive green policies. 
Are commitment is also shown by being 100% no paper which means all orders are picked via hand held devices and invoices are no longer printed but emailed.  

Recycled Products

The recycled products within our non-branded range are manufactured using 100% recycled raw material, which means that the product is kinder to the environment.
The cores in the towel and tissue products are also made from 100% recycled material. The use of recycled products also reduces waste in land fill sites and the subsequent production of methane gas which adds carbon to the atmosphere. 


Kimberly Clark has initiated and completed a comprehensive life-cycle assessment of tissue products. Kimberly Clark continued to work on our long-term goal of sourcing 100 percent of our virgin wood fibre from certified suppliers. In 2007, 97 percent of our fibre suppliers were certified.